Jumbo Contact Commercial Griller

This commercial griller is designed for use in restaurants and hotels, offering a high-quality cooking experience for chefs and kitchen staff. With its durable construction and efficient heating elements, this griller is capable of producing delicious and perfectly cooked meals with ease. Ideal for busy kitchens and demanding culinary environments.

Commercial Griller

Machine Details  

Size : 425 x 370 x 190mm
Power : 2.2KW

Commercial Plane Induction

Our commercial induction cooktops are the perfect solution for restaurants and hotels looking for efficient and reliable cooking equipment. With precise temperature control and fast heating times, our induction cooktops are designed to meet the demands of busy kitchens. Trust us to deliver the best in commercial induction technology.

Commercial Induction

Machine Details  

Size : 425 x 370 x 190
Power : 2.2Kw